These photographs from my 1977 journey reflect a time now long gone, when the Afghan people lived with pride and dignity, much as they had for generations. My goal with these images is to create a global awareness of Afghanistan and its people during a time of flourishing and peace.

Many in the world have only known Afghanistan as a country devastated by the ravages of four decades of war. Sadly, it is true, as there has been a deep erosion of this ancient culture. I hope that my photographs will serve as an inspiration and a positive historical reference for everyone, and help Afghans world-wide revive their rich, cultural heritage. These images capture the beauty and spirit of the Afghan peopleā€”a people and country who I hope will once again, like the Phoenix, rise from the ashes.

A top priority of this project is to raise funds to help pay for safe houses, education, and health care for Afghan women and girls, who have been the most vulnerable throughout this conflict, losing their freedom and rights, and too often, life itself. We can help.

As ethnic cultures are rapidly becoming extinct across the globe, it would be tragic to lose the beauty and diversity of Afghanistan, a country and people that have contributed so much to the world.

Let us stand together in this global challenge to help reinstate the cultural and personal freedoms that have been lost. Your participation is vital and your tax-deductible contributions will help make this happen.

In Peace,